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Transmutation Ritual for Prosperity

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This Transmutation Ritual for Prosperity will help you to transmute negative energies, diseases, and any psychic and energetic blocks, thus allowing prosperity to flow better in your life. The process of transmuting your mental patterns is also beneficial to improve, purify, perfect, expand your mind, and ultimately, your life. It’s advised to interpret prosperity in a much broader sense than just material goods, but true emotional, professional, and spiritual well-being, that is, happiness as a total.

In this ritual, you need to be lying down, with the abdomen up, in a comfortable way. Put on soft music if you prefer to create an environment that helps you to better establish an inner communication.

Transmutation Ritual Music

Concentrate on yourself, stay balanced in your thoughts, remain silent, breathe deeply, and don’t think about anything other than this ritual and what you want to transmute.

Try to feel your body relax, feel your arms, your legs, knees, belly, and back relaxed, they are soft and it is as if the earth on which you lie at this moment absorbed them, feel as if your body melts, breathe into your muscles, bones, veins… Be one with the earth, be one with your breath. Relax your head, relax your eyes, relax your mouth, your tongue…

While your eyes are closed, imagine a bright violet light appearing from the sky and entering your body through your feet. This light goes towards your head, enveloping you completely. This violet light spins in a spiraling motion counterclockwise, as if your body is being surrounded by a cone of light that surrounds you and at the same time penetrates throughout your interior, from the inside and the outside as well, cleansing all the impurities from your being, that light will cleanse spiritual impurities, impurities of the mind, and the impurities of your physical body.

At that moment, feel the transmutation taking place, that is, the transformation from what is negative and bad in you to what is positive and good. And as soon as it reaches your head, imagine that light being emitted back to heaven, to the Universe, towards the cosmos, towards the infinite sky.

After finishing the violet light transmutation, do the same, but this time using pink spiraling light. Now that you’ve cleansed yourself and left a void inside, you’ll need to fill your entire being with the light of Universal Love. Visualize the pink light going through your feet in an anti-clockwise direction until it reaches your head and in the meantime, you will think about love in its broadest sense, love for the beautiful things in life, for animals, love for people you know, love for everything, and for yourself too.

After the pink light cone has gone all the way through your body, send that light out through your head and into the sky. As soon as you are done with the pink light, the time has come for you to do the same but this time using pure white light that will protect you so that external negative forces cannot attach to you and weaken you. This will act as protective armor, all warriors need one and this is yours.

When you feel like you’re done, thank the Great Father and the Great Mother of the Universe, or whatever you believe, for the opportunity you have been given. If you prefer, ask someone to read this ritual slowly to help you conduct the ritual, then you can do the same for that person.

I hope you enjoy the Transmutation Ritual for Prosperity! Don’t be shy to share your experience in the comments below. See you at the next Camomila Ritual, Beautiful Magical Being.

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