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The Magickal Soothing Effect of a Foot Soak

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Foot soaks are an old practice. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it helps to balance and distribute the yang energy (head) – to the cold extremity, the feet – the yin energy. Soaking not just the feet, but the calves too. This energetic balance technique works very well when you feel tired, stressed, with physical or mental fatigue. Its also an excellent way to relieve headaches, tiredness, muscle tension, worries, calm a very restless mind, insomnia, nervous excitement, irritability, impatience, breathing problems, and depression.

In the past, the main goal of the foot soak was to warm the feet and remove excess cold after walking on very cold days or exposure to rain. It was used to treat colds, flu, and joint pain as well. In Chinese medicine, when your feet are warm, it’s a sign of good health, and your energy is circulating correctly.

In this sense, a foot soak acts positively on the following principle: well-being happens when we have warm feet and a cool head. Therefore, it can be performed without restrictions. As for periodicity, it is only contraindicated in cases of diabetes, arteriosclerosis, or Buerger’s disease – it affects the blood vessels of the hands, arms, legs, and feet, causing swelling and preventing blood circulation (ischemia).
Personally, I use it frequently as a way of relaxing, cleaning, rebalancing, preparing myself for my grounding practice, or for rituals.

Take care of your body, take care of your feet!

People tend to forget that the feet support the whole body, all our weight throughout the day, against gravity. Based on reflexology, they are the map of all our organs. Treating them correctly makes it possible to obtain numerous benefits for the organism and at various levels. Our feet are of fundamental importance to our body and health, directly, and to our lives, indirectly. Strong and at the same time delicate, our feet make an incredible effort: more than 20 thousand steps per day and a daily load of 100 tons.

As a form of regular self-care, especially now in winter, I like to place my feet inside a basin with hot but bearable water, with sea salt (attention to hypertensive patients), herbs suitable for the purpose, crystals (which may be in contact with water) and essential oils (diluted in vegetable base).

There is a special bond that forms when you are a spell ingredient, too!

Like in all rituals, the intention makes the difference and generates action, and you might want to foot soak a little spell work. Research some herbs for your purpose, or let your intuition guide you through the ones you have at hand. A multipurpose foot soak is also valid, but if you’re a beginner and don’t want to focus too much energy on different herbs, start small with a simple salt and/or rosemary soak to ground, purify, and cleanse your feet – especially before rituals.

You can use fresh or dried herbs. Together with sea salt – if you choose salt – and a little water, macerate your herbs by hand, with the intention of balancing your energy, relax your precious feet, or whatever is your intention. Fill the rest with water, or an herbal decoction, enough to cover the feet, add the oils, the crystals, and enjoy the foot bath 15 to 30 min.
After, dry your feet well and massage them, reinforcing your purpose once more.

Ingredients You May Want To Add To Your Foot Soak

It’s impossible to talk about all the ingredients, so I advise you to research ingredients online for your purpose, or simply exercise your intuition and let your mind, and even your body intelligence guide you in choosing the herbs in your home apothecary.

  •  Lavender – calming, brings good dreams;
  •  Basil – brings money, steadies the mind, protects against psychic attacks;
  •  Chamomile – calming, soothing, brings restful sleep;
  •  Coffee – grounding, repels nightmares, balances emotions, can kick spells into gear faster;
  •  Rosemary – protection, purifying, enhances memory;
  •  Rice powder – fertility, abundance, prosperity, wealth, security;
  •  Lemon – purifying, cleansing, send back negative attacks;
  •  Roses – protection, beauty, love, good luck;
  • Mint – healing, repels negativity, protection, breaking spells;
  •  Milk – protection, prosperity, success, nurturing;
  •  Honey – community, togetherness, sweetness, soothing;
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