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Moon Magic: How To Manifest With The Moon Phases

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There’s no way to talk about magic without talking about the Moon and its magical power!

We all know that the Moon exerts great force on Earth, at tides, in gravity. This is a scientifically proven fact, and we have nothing to discuss. But what about the magical powers of the Moon? Did you know that each phase of the Moon has a special power, and a different influence on our wellbeing and psyche?

Each phase of the Moon has its own characteristic, and in addition to representing the goddess and her different faces, the maiden, the mother, and the elder, it’s also a symbol of femininity. Let’s talk about the phases of the Moon and how they influence us, what manifestation powers they give us! Write it all down in your Grimoire so you don’t forget.

Moon Magic here we go!

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New Moon

Do you know when the moon disappears from the sky? Those awesome dark nights we only see a very thin outline in the sky? This is the New Moon phase. This phase of the Moon indicates beginnings, new beginnings, and new projects. It’s the right time to start, and sow the seed! It is also a quiet moment, when people are thinking, projecting their thoughts to put into action! You want to start something new, be it in magic, be it at work, or whatever it is this is the Moon phase that will help you manifest.

Spells and rituals are recommended when you want to start something, to take that initiative that you have so long postponed. But one must know that it will not have an immediate result, because as I said, this Moon is in the phase of sowing the seed, its fruit will come later.

Crescent Moon

The Moon is growing, and this is the moon phase that brings expansion, growth, nutrition to dreams, and projects. Do you know the seed you sowed on New Moon? It is now growing on the Crescent Moon. This is a good time to sustain and strengthen.

Spells and rituals are recommended to make things happen, to increase, to evolve. Also ideal for encouraging something that is weak or very slow. However, you must be very careful, as well as good things, bad things can also grow! Disagreements can happen in droves if you let them accumulate or don’t resolve immediately.

Full Moon

That full moon, silvered in the sky, illuminating everyone with its charming light, the moon of dreams, esbats, romance and strong emotions. Love, passions, prosperity, beauty, all in full! The Full Moon stirs our dreams, our intuition, our desire to grow, to become big and to be able to do everything! It’s the poets’ moon for a good reason, isn’t it?

Spells and rituals are recommended to manifest dreams into reality! Magic is usually very strong in that sense. Love, prosperity, and dreams of all kinds happen! The Full Moon attracts growth, full strength, increased skin sensitivity, pleasure, and intuition. But be careful: remember that this phase is extremely powerful, so be sure of what you want!

Waning Moon

The Full Moon is ending, the sky slowly gets dark again and soon it will be New Moon phase again, but in the meantime it is Waning! It is time to remove the excesses, to throw away what is useless, to cut what is rotten to open paths. Do you know that heavy feeling? That bad energy hovering in the air? When it is time for the Waning Moon, take advantage of it to get rid of all that and any other thing or person and situations that hurt you.

Spells and rituals are recommended for banishing, cleansing, and releasing! Organize everything for the arrival of the New Moon, which is when the cycle begins again! Clean your home, your work, your mind, soul, and heart will be strengthened at this stage. However, be very careful: never try to get rid of something out of frivolous annoyance, because the strength of this phase can get rid of what you asked forever…

Black Moon

It is worth mentioning something very important here: at the end of the waning moon, in the last 2 or 3 days, before becoming New Moon, the Moon becomes ‘The Black Moon’. 

In other words, it is when the moon completely disappears from the sky, and unlike the New moon, there is not even a streak in the sky. This moon phase is important for dealing with our inner self, with our shadow. Look inside and dig into who you really are. Camomila will have an article only about this moon, which is very important for magic, since, as we said, it deals with our deepest self.

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Magic Exists For Everyone!

The Moon works in unison with the Sun, without one or the other, life on Earth would be extinct! It’s the Law of Polarity in its eternal dance between feminine and masculine, light and darkness, conscious and unconscious, day and night.

The Magical influence the Moon exerts in us is powerful, and every aspect of it has its own strength! Pay attention to each moon phase, what and how they make you feel, and try to prepare spells according to the moons, so they and you have even more power! Always remembering: Magic is there for everyone, but it takes much more than just lighting the cauldron, candles, or whatever, and saying a few words. It is necessary to believe, visualize, and channel your willpower for the magic to happen!

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