How to Get rid of Cellulite

How to Get Rid of Cellulite the Witchy Way

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Although it is perfectly normal and not harmful to health, initially, this aesthetic condition can become unpleasant (if not a real nightmare), especially for women. The more we neglect the more cellulite gets worse and can cause physical and psychological discomfort. But, it’s not all bad news. Let’s get to know some home remedies that will help you get rid of cellulite by targeting the core issue.

Cellulite relates to poor circulation, impairment of the lymphatic system, due to the accumulation of fat, but mostly by weak muscles that are not solid enough for the skin to be “wrapped” around them in a good way. Unfortunately for women, they are more prone to this problem since in men it is almost non-existent and when it exists it derives from hormonal problems related to testosterone. The fact that it is more visible in women than in men is due to the disposition of women’s connective fibers. In women, the connective fibers are vertically oriented, while in men they are cross-oriented, making the fat cells almost imperceptible.

Like in all witchy related businesses, we aim for fluidity, symbiosis, and a holistic approach to all things. Getting rid of cellulite is not different.

Cellulite relates to… why me?

Like in all witchy related businesses, we aim for fluidity, symbiosis, and a holistic approach to all things. Getting rid of cellulite is not different. I’m not going to talk about all the treatments, teas, diets, or exercises that seem to work very well for some people and not for others. If you surf the web you will find a thousand invasive and more natural formulas, to fight cellulite. I prefer to invite you to look at things from another perspective.

As a powerful witch, and knowledgeable in witchcraft, you know that intent generates action. You also know that your body is a repository of all the details of your life. Sorrows, resentments, anger at others and yourself, stress, and tension block your freedom and transform your flesh.

All Exaggerated Emotions Disturb Your Body and Cause Imbalances.

I believe that cellulite appears as a manifestation of the emotions of anger and self-punishment and that in order to treat and stop it, we must change the way we act and react in the face of obstacles that we encounter on our way. In conjunction with a healthy diet, lots of hydration, some exercise, it is extremely important to create rituals that help to clear the negative feelings that you have been accumulating. Do not fight your cellulite. Cellulite is a messenger that aims to awaken you to deeper waters, which you have rejected. It is an invitation to exercise true self-love, which has nothing to do with the ego. It is a reflection of your conduct and the fear of being yourself. Getting rid of cellulite is freeing yourself from what no longer serves you.

Spells and Rituals to Target the Core Issues

In conjunction with physical aids, such as a healthy diet, and specific exercises to harmonize your cellulite, I invite you to create a tea ritual (set and setting), with specific herbs to increase collagen production, cleanse toxins, improve blood circulation, and with antioxidant action (I like to use Horsetail, Dandelion, Parsley (amazing for vitality, and kidney rejuvenation), Green tea, and Rosemary), in a meditative space, where you will find your specific core issues. Trust your intuition and the process. You can also try some simple candle burning rituals that will help you to “Dispel Resentment”, to “Aid Spiritual Growth”, “Overcoming Feelings of Hate”, for “Self-Confidence”, “Acquire Inner Peace”, for “Overcoming Anxiety”, and for “Greater Vitality”.

Free yourself, walk barefoot on the ground, drink water, imbue your water with intention. Enjoy the sun, it helps you to restore your nervous system, your animus, and your skin. Rejoice, sing, dance, laugh, and cry. Release.

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