Elemental Releasing Ritual

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The Elemental Releasing Ritual can be used to release anything that no longer serves you, whether it is bad thought patterns, bad habits, or unhealthy attachments.

To perform the Elemental Releasing Ritual you will need:

  • Pen & Paper
  • Candle
  • Fireproof container
  • Bowl of salt
  • Bowl of water

Find a comfortable place where you can perform the Elemental Releasing Ritual without being interrupted.

If you don’t have an altar or sacred space, you can install a temporary one on the windowsill, balcony or even in the corner of your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. 

Cleanse your space from dense energies. You can choose to “clean up” this space of energy debris by clapping your hands, smudging, visualizing a purified circle around you, or anything that you like.

Practitioners of some branches of ritual magic might wanna cast a Magic Circle, if not, reserve a space with 1 meter of space, surrounding you.

  • Place the fireproof container in the East
  • Light the candle in the South
  • Place the bowl of water in the West
  • Place the bowl of salt in the North

Ground yourself in whatever way is most comfortable, whether it be through meditation, breathwork, chanting, or earthing.

When you feel relaxed and ready to start exploring and sending out what you want to release, write it down.

Write anything you feel you need to release. At this moment your location is indifferent in relation to the cardinal points. Sit facing the side that your intuition dictates.

Spend a while visualizing these things leaving you, picture your life without them, and focus on the feeling it brings. The better you imagine your life without these limitations, the more powerful this ritual will be.

When you feel the time is right, face towards the South and set the paper on fire with the candle flame. Visualize the fire burning away whatever you wish to release.

Turn to the East, drop the burning paper on the fireproof container, and watch the smoke, while still visualizing whatever you wrote floating far away from your life.

Once the burnet paper is cool turn to the North, and blend the ashes with the salt. Visualize the salt neutralizing and absorbing the remaining negative energies. Breathe and relax.

Now turn to the East and blend the salt and ashes with the water. Dispose of the water somewhere far or flush it down the drain. Thank the elements for taking your problems away. Feel it with all your intention.

After the Elemental Releasing Ritual

Visualize a protective and healing white light filling in the space that is now empty and ready to be filled by new and beneficial energies, preventing the negative energies from being reattached, and symbolically closing your ritual.

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