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In addition to creating content related to Witchcraft, Magick, Well-Being, Consciousness, Law of Cause and Effect, Intention Setting, Herbalism and Magical Recipes, Camomile also focuses on curating and reviewing handmade products and books, from Artisans and Writers I love. I hope you like this selection.

,A Journal is a gateway to where our imagination flies, where dreams and magic are created. A Journal is also a gateway to the unconscious. Here at Camomila, I have already covered the art of journaling, as well as, the Book of Shadows, or the Moon diary. So I want to share Soothi’s handmade leather Journals. At Soothi, Journals are designed with environmental and social sustainability in mind, supporting many artisans around the world. Besides being gorgeous, these journals are practical and can be personalized with the quotes we choose, and the best is that they are unique, no two products are exactly the same. 

Soothi Leather Journals have one-of-a-kind aesthetic, with a feeling of the old world.

From journals, notebooks, and custom stationery, to boxes, organizers, personalizers, and beyond, every design comes straight from the hands and minds of fellow creators. Soothi continuously seeks and refines sustainable materials—like recycled leathers, tree-free paper, and cast-off wood—as well as processes and practices that reduce our human negative impact and create a positive one. A portion of every Soothi purchase is donated to the Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue hospital and sanctuary for street animals in Rajasthan, India.
Camomila curation was hard, because Soothi Journals are all special and unique, but the Nipsey Bold Blue Limited Edition Journal captivated my heart and my eyes, and the best is that you can add your personal touch to it, and make it your own.

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