Crescent Moon Ritual & The Mysteries of the Threefold Goddess Neith

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Every phase of the lunar cycle is powerful in its own way. After an intense new moon in down-to-earth Taurus that provided us once more with an opportunity to release from the past, to set a new intention, and start over, now it’s time to nurture the seed planted by our efforts, for being tested by external elements, and encouraged to grow. Traditionally in magick, the Waxing or Crescent Moon is the best moon phase for invoking what we want and a time to start new projects.

The Primordial Creatrix Goddess Neith

Sun Sign Astrology Taurus and Scorpio are a polarity, and Ancient Egypt was an Era marked by the solidity of Taurus and the cult of mysteries, death, and transformation of Scorpio. Egyptian mythology and magick are fascinating. Even today, these myths have a strong and intense presence in the esoteric and mystical world. Today we will meet the goddess Neith, a deity highly worshiped in Ancient Egypt and who remains alive today.

Ancient Egypt was the country of magick and magickians and the use of magick was very natural in all social classes, from the farmer to the pharaoh. The magickal or witchcraft practices stemmed from the worldview of this culture, where order and security were constantly threatened by destructive forces and it was necessary to fight them to protect the kingdom, its inhabitants, and also power.

If you are in need of strength, protection, and opening new doorways of perception and traveling different paths, you need to know the Goddess Neith, the primordial Goddess of Lower Egypt.

Neith The Lady Of The West

In Egyptian mythology, the goddess Neith is the oldest goddess cited by the sacred texts. She was also known as Lady of the West, Tehenut, Nit, Net, and Neit. Neith is pronounced Night. The spinner and weaver of destiny, who was associated with the spider, was often depicted with a weaving shuttle in her hand, or a bow and arrows, demonstrating her hunting abilities.

Her power was associated with strength, war, hunting, invention, and she was the patroness of mystical knowledge, the deity of herbs, magick, healing, mystical knowledge, rituals, meditation, protector of women, and marriage. Furthermore, Neith was considered to be the creator of gods and humans, in addition to being the deity who had the function of leading the dead into their new life.

I am All That Has Been, That Is, and That Will Be.
No mortal has yet been able to lift the veil that covers Me.

Temple of Neith inscription

Her name means “I have come from myself”, or self-begotten. According to tradition, Neith emerged from the primeval waters, followed the course of the Nile towards the sea, until reaching the Delta and giving shape to the city of Sais. She was self-generated and the “Original Mother”, an androgynous deity, encompassing both the feminine and the masculine energies.

Neith The Fearsome Egyptian Mother of Gods

Having conceived the world in her heart, everything that existed was created by her when she materialized things through the verb. Neith said a name, and existence just came. Her creations include the Sun (Rá-Amon-Khnum), the Ogdoad, or “the Eightfold” (eight primordial deities worshiped in Hermopolis) and the god Thot. Therefore, Neith is the mother of Ra, the sun god, one of the main deities in Egyptian mythology.

Thus, it is also associated with primary time and daily recreation, since it opened the paths of the Sun. Many references made to the rebirth of the Sun at various points in the sky during seasonal changes demonstrate the different aspects of Neith, who reigns in the form of a heavenly Goddess.

As the mother of the world, Neith is the creator of everything inside the earth, minerals, and precious stones. From the Old Kingdom, Neith was the protector of Osiris, Ra, and of the Pharaoh, and her shape was that of the bee.

Neith Crescent Moon Ritual

If you have a wish that is not coming true, or you may need extra help to break through and neutralize dense forces that may be preventing you from achieving fulfillment, you wish to consecrate yourself in the magickal arts or tapping the dreamworld realm, this powerful ritual is perfect.

The following ritual can be performed on any date, however, it will have more strength on October 22 due to the energy concentration of the day and the communication portal that opens with this divinity, or during the crescent moon.

There are countless instructions for creating a ritual – but the main problem with using someone else’s instructions is that they don’t have the same “impact” as the rituals you create for yourself. All rituals are deeply personal. So I will leave here only the essential.

  • Think about what you would like to be amplified or illuminated within you;
  • Define your intention;
  • Prepare some symbolic objects;
  • Create a sacred space;
  • Perform the ritual;
  • Symbolically close your ritual;

I recommend listening to your instincts and doing what seems most meaningful to you. Feel free to be totally unconventional, this is your ritual, after all.

Neith Of The Veil

Standing before your altar or sacred space, raise your arms in greeting while you say:

Dark Huntress, Opener of the Way, Lady of the West,

I call upon you,

You who are all that has been, that is, and that will be,

Teach me the Dark and sacred Mysteries.

For without understanding the dreams that lead to the inner door,

I am not complete.

Dreams are the night teachers of the Ancient Ones.

Teach me, great Neith.

Cross your hands on your chest and await Neith’s blessings. Once you feel the time is right, raise your arms in greeting once more and say:

Silver Huntress, riding the pale clouds of midnight,

I greet your celestial light with gladness.

Beauteous Lady of the Night, I await the dreams you send,

Visions and Magick lie within your realms of power.

Teach me the Mysteries of the Threefold Goddess

Symbolized by the turning Moon on high.

Mother of healing and ancient wisdom, bless me.

The Litanies of Neith From Ancient Egyptian Inscriptions at the Temple of Sais

Neith, the Great, the Divine Mother, Lady of the country of Esna,
The great Cow, the fashioner of Ra,
Greater is her name than of all gods and goddesses…
All belongs to her; life and death are under her surveillance;
The earth is under her order….

She the cobra who rose in Nun, the living Ancestor, the sovereign;
The length of the Earth is under her orders;
She who came solemnly, she who created the million;
She who has no equal, not one god is not within her form;
She who knows that which came before; she who was at the beginning…

The primordial One, eldest of the primeval gods,
She who made that which is, she who created that which exists…
She who rises in the primal Waters,
She who fills Heaven and Earth with her beauty,
The mother of millions, the mother of heaven,
She who supplies Earth with good grain,
Who contains in herself her son as a light illuminating the Two Lands
Neith, the great Lady of Sais…

To Neith who rose in Nun while the Earth was in darkness.
To Neith the living ancestor who took origin in Nun,
Before the creation of Earth and the raising of Heaven.
To Neith the Creatrix, the One who was in the beginning,
The Mother of the primordial time, she who created her own birth…

To Neith who was at the origin and created those who are on high
and those who are below.
To Neith the mysterious who made the beings
And created all that which is by her existence.
To Neith who made eternity, whose mystery is in her form, who created…
To Neith in all her names. To Neith in all her forms.
To Neith in all her mysteries.

The Mysteries of the Threefold Goddess Neith

Although many ancient myths about this powerful goddess have been erased from our history over time, we still have valuable evidence that shows her importance in ancient Egypt. Based on ancient texts and representations, it is possible to understand the importance of Neith’s role in ancient Egypt, but there are still certain aspects of Neith that are steeped in mystery.

I leave you here the worthwhile recommendation to investigate more about the goddess NEITH and invite you to share your knowledge about Neith in the comment below.

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