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Consecrating Your Magickal Tools With Anointing Oils

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Anointing oils are widely used in magickal practices, used in various potions, rituals or to consecrate objects, candles, and people, since the first cultures of our world. We can use herbs and essential oils, always using a base oil. The ideal is to prepare the magick oil according to the intended purpose, choosing the appropriate aromas and herbs. This part is fundamental because it is the consecration that makes an object magickal. Consecration makes it an instrument of magick capable of establishing direct contact with subtle plans.

We are going to talk in this post about consecration with oil, preferably those aromatic essences based on oil. This practice is ancient and since ancient Egypt, there are references to the aromatic oils of consecration.

The Use Of Magickal Oils

According to the author Sandra Kynes, who wrote the book ‘Mixing Essential Oils for Magic: Aromatic Alchemy for Personal Blends‘, aromatic plants in the form of oil and incense were elements used in religious and therapeutic practices already in the first cultures of the world, and that anointing with oils was almost universal.

In some magical traditions, such as Hoodoo, oils are used to anoint both people and objects, such as candles, for example. In some magick systems, consecration oils are also used to anoint the skin and the oils are prepared to be safe for the skin. It is therefore essential to prioritize the use of natural and preferably organic oils over synthetic ones since synthetic oils do not have the natural and subtle essence of the herbs.

Why Should You Consecrate You Magickal Tools?

Consecrating your magickal tools purifies them, removes any negative energies from the tool, which is particularly handy if you aren’t sure of the tool’s past before it came to you, and directs your energy and intention towards them.

Although this is a popular practice, some practitioners do not consecrate tools because they do not feel the need to do so. This point of view and preference stems from the difference between the direction of conscious and unconscious energy. Some believe that their energy is directed by them to their tools without the need for a ritual act and that performing the consecration movements would interrupt their flow of natural energy.

If you feel you must consecrate your tools or ritual objects, do so. You can also choose to do it in certain rituals, or with certain objects, but not with others. As with so many other areas of our life, it is up to the individual to decide for himself. Practice, study, journaling out the processes and deciding for yourself what best suits using his intuition.

Consecration Oil Recipe

Today we are going to give you a tip for preparing an anointing oil to consecrate your ritualistic objects.

  • Small dark bottle
  • Grapeseed oil (base oil)
  • Cedarwood Essence (5 drops)
  • Patchouli Essence (4 drops)
  • Lavender Essence (3 drops)
  • Star Anise Essence (3 drops)
  • Rosemary Essence (1 drop)

Prepare the oil at full moon by placing all ingredients in a dark glass bottle. You can add the herbs too if you prefer. Consecrate the anointing oil and let it rest for 7 days in a dark place. Use to consecrate magic instruments and candles before rituals.

How To Consecrate Your Anointing oils

Take the oil glass and retreat to a quiet place, where you will not be interrupted. Sit down and take a few deep breaths, visualizing a golden, sparkling light surrounding the room.

After a few minutes, open the glass, put some oil in your hands, rub them together until warm. At this point, take the glass again (be careful not to drop it) and pass your hands over it, repeating in a low voice:

“In the name of the Greater Power, I consecrate you so that from this sacred moment, you will be the link between the things of the Earth and Divinity. May you help me in all my works and may you exercise the strength that I grant you. May everything always be done according to the will of the Greater Power, of which I share. “

This must be repeated three times, with great conviction, in order for the oil to be impregnated. The consecration of the oil is done at once because the glass will be impregnated with its vibrations for a long time. If you find it necessary, you can repeat the consecration whenever you see fit.

Essential Oils & Herbs Metaphysical Properties

Absinthe – Used to evoke spiritual entities and to activate sexuality asleep by depression, contact and invocation of the spiritual plane.

Artemisia – Prophecy, knowledge, courage, power and healing.

Benzoin – Love, aphrodisiac, and stimulant.

Camphor – Stimulates occult powers of a psychic nature.

Carnation – Protection, power and wealth

Cedarwood To attract money, solar magick (healing and protection), to invoke Archangel Michael, longevity and abundance, grounding, and clarity during psychic readings.

Chamomile – Peace, meditation, leads to the center and healing.

Cypress – Death, rebirth and mysteries

Cinnamon – Energizing revitalizer, healing, and strengthening the aura. Also used for financial prosperity spells.

Eucalyptus – Used against anguish and apathy, for energy protection and purification.

Fennel – Conscience, joy, long life and exorcism.

Heliotrope – Helps in psychic, spiritual, and prayer development. It brings the magnetic energy of the sun.

Hibiscus – union, balance between male and female.

Jasmine – Used to attract and receive blessings, protection, and luck. It is used as oil in love spells.

Lady of the night – lunar magic, sensuality and passion.

Lavender – It brings peace, serenity, calm, protection, balance, harmony and protection against obsessors.

Lily – Used for attraction.

Lotus – Attracts love and luck. Good for healing. Spirituality, harmony and healing.

Mint – spiritual relief, healing and luck.

Myrrh – Sacred anointing oil for meditation, blessing, protection, and healing.

Musk – Stimulating sexual functions, it brings self-confidence and willpower. It’s an aphrodisiac.

Nutmeg – prosperity, youth and relationships.

Orange – soothing, beauty and perfect love symbol.

Orchid – desire, love, transmutation.

Patchouli – It removes evil and negativity, facilitates separations. It cannot be used for those who want to maintain a happy intimate relationship. Prosperity, divination, and dispel evil.

Rose – Attracts romantic love, harmony, induces loving thoughts, love, friendship, beauty and contact with angels.

Rosemary – It is excellent for protection against magick. Widely used in cleaning and purification spells, purification, healing, protection, giving power and love.

Rue – combat enemies and hostile influences, cleanliness and love.

Sandalwood – Spiritual essence for healing and meditation.

Star Anise – Calm, good Luck, protection, and psychic awareness.

Strawberry – Increases physical attraction, strengthens sensuality, and passion.

Vanilla – impulse, creativity and success.

Verbena – Stimulating mental activity, it removes negativity and bad vibrations, beauty, protection and attraction of the opposite sex.

Violet – emotional filter, peace and opening of the third vision.

Final Considerations Regarding Consecration

I personally do not use, for example, my candles without first cleaning them with incense and even water, followed by oil consecration. That’s because the candle carries telluric energy. I also don’t buy candles in stores selling religious articles, because I prefer neutral places, like supermarkets or manufacturers, so they will be free of egregores.

Some believe that their energy is directed by them to their tools without the need for a ritual act and that performing the consecration movements would interrupt their flow of natural energy. I understand why, as a Chaos Magick practitioner I don’t follow ceremonial rituals that involve any forces that are not part of my subconscious archetypes.

But it’s up to you to be your own scientist, to practice and study, deciding what best suits your needs and beliefs. After all the most important ingredient of your magickal practice it’s YOU!

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