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Today I would like to share a powerful spell to pave the way for abundance and prosperity in your life. You will learn how to perform a ritual using a yellow candle and other magical elements. Let’s start?


Yellow is a color that has great power and can be used for many purposes, and today I want to give you a tip for attracting prosperity and abundance in your life. Start by gathering:

  • 1 yellow candle (you decide the size, but remember that the candle has to burn until the end);
  • Pencil and paper;
  • Honey;
  • 3 Citrine Gemstones.


The first step for any Candle Magic Ritual begins by cleaning your candle from previous energies and consecrating all your ritualistic tools. After preparing your tools and creating your sacred space (within and without):

  • Write your name and date of birth on the candle with a toothpick (top to bottom);
  • Pass the yellow candle on your solar plexus, mentalizing and feeling expansion (for those who don’t know the solar plexus or Manipura it’s located in the upper part of the belly, where your diaphragm rests)
  • Write all your requests (never put the word “NO”. So, instead of putting “I don’t want to run out of money” write “I always have money”);
  • Spread the honey on the candle;
  • Place your written intentions/requests under the candle;
  • Place the 3 Citrine in a triangle shape, with the candle placed in the middle of the triangle, and light the candle.


Candle magic and color magic are two simple and powerful forms of magic used in witchcraft and to establish intentions. Each color communicates differently with our collective subconscious and has different energies. In magic, color energy is used to generate a specific response in the magician, being effective and powerful tools for spells, meditation, rituals, and other ceremonies. The color yellow is linked to prosperity and abundance and represents gold, the color of those who seek brightness, visibility, and expansion. If you want to do the ritual with a golden candle, go for it!

Citrine, yellow quartz, has long been thought of as possessing the healing properties of the sun, providing strong solar energy, strength, success, power, and joy of living. In general, Citrine increases vital energy, helping to develop creativity and the expression of the deepest feelings. It is a precious stone that, in energetic terms, expands our generosity and attracts that of others towards us. Citrine its probably most known for its ability to attract prosperity, money, and good luck in business.

Physically, Citrine helps to keep the digestive system healthy and the immune system strong. Emotionally, it reduces depressive tendencies, returning hope and optimism. It contributes to increasing the feeling of well-being and happiness. Psychologically, a Citrine allows us to achieve greater levels of tranquility and mental clarity. This is a crystal that reinforces our ability to deal with tests and overcome obstacles, increasing the possibilities of improving our lives.

The honey will settle the energy, let’s say it will leave the “pieces of magic” in place and will make all energies more stable and strengthened, as well as being an element that represents prosperity, unity, and harmony. Honey will ‘crystallize’ your desires!

The best moon to perform this ritual is the crescent or even the full moon, because in these phases we have access to the intense energy of multiplication – since we are doing magic for prosperity, nothing better than multiplying your money, for example.

Close your ritual by saying a prayer for prosperity and abundance. Feel the abundance entering your cells and expanding within and without. You are limitless.


Modus Operandi of Candle Burning Rituals

  • You must know in advance exactly and precisely what you want. 
  • The candle infused by your desire becomes a receptacle of your desire. 
  • The gradual transformation of the candle into the element of fire is an alchemical transfer of Matter to Spirit.

Always use new candles for Candle Magic Ritual For Money and Abundance, or any other candle magic ritual. Keep in mind the fire risk inherent in burning candles. Keep yourself safe, your home, or Nature. 

Candle Blessing and Anointing

Before you burn your candle you must clean it with a wet sponge, and bless the candle saying:

“Cleansed and blessed, Are Thee, Now to Perform Thy Service for Me.”

You can carve symbols, names, sigils, or purpose onto the candle with the tip of a knife. After you blessed and carved the message in the candle it’s time to anoint it with magic oil

With your mind firmly fixed on the purpose apply the magic oil at the candle’s center and slowly go to the top and back to center, and then from the center to bottom and back to the center. Doing this will reinforce the magical act of transferring your desire from your consciousness to the candle, the medium between your wish and the fulfillment of it.

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