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Burn Belly Fat Fast With Hot Skinny Tea (Review)

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There are currently several “detox teas” on the market, that promise to burn belly fat fast, and some seem to make quite large claims, like extreme weight loss. Although there are some that I certainly do not recommend, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the Hot Skinny Tea blend, and believe that even “coffee people” will like it.

What is Hot Skinny Tea?

According to Hot Skinny Tea designer, the personal trainer, and nutrition expert Kimberly Clark who has been on the scene for a number of years and has a good reputation in the field, Hot Skinny Tea: 

“is a specially-crafted tea blend that is breaking the rules of weight-loss and nutrition programs. This tea blend full of distinct flavors not only invigorates and detoxifies your body, but it may also help to lose weight.”

It is well known that Tea is packed with powerful properties and its many positive effects on our bodies. Using herbs to detoxify your body and prime it for weight loss is not exactly new. What makes me choose this brand and not another is that Hot Skinny Tea blend is packed with an abundance of healthy, natural ingredients in a convenient, easy-to-make tea drink that can be enjoyed hot or iced.

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How to Use Hot Skinny Tea

Using Hot Skinny Tea is very easy. Just put 1 tablespoon of the tea blend into hot water, let it steep for 2-3 minutes, and drink it twice a day. This blend is made out of sencha green tea, lemon grass, pu-erh leaf, senna leaf, lotus leaf, fennel, garcinia cambogia extract, and stevia, to sweeten things up. The cleansing effects of the tea have been backed by scientific research. Not only will you feel and look great, but you might also trigger weight loss by boosting your fat- burning capabilities.

Hot Skinny Tea offers two packages. If you are looking to start your health journey, the 14-days detox is a perfect opening kickoff. However, you can further boost your progress with the 28- days detox or the 42- days detox (if you don’t feel tempted to share it with friends, that is!).

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Hot skinny tea review

Hot Skinny Tea Ingredients Quick Look

Garcinia Cambogia extract, sourced from a tree native to India and Southeast Asia, has the potential to act as a fat blocker due to its accumulation of Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). It can block enzymes that produce body fat, raise serotonin for better moods, and may even suppress appetite.

Lemongrass is the quintessential cleanser that gets rid of body toxins and balances body processes such as liver function.

Sencha green tea can clear your skin, increase energy levels, and even kill oral bacteria.Lotus leaf, a.k.a. the blood tonic, not only regulates blood pressure but can also help increase iron-carrying capacity and moisturize the skin.

Chamomile works wonders for stomach discomfort and can also relieve stress and insomnia.

Senna leaf, a natural laxative from North Africa, can soothe inflammatory complaints like hemorrhoids or irritable bowel syndrome, thereby assisting in more efficient removal of toxins and wastes. This boosts metabolism and may help in getting rid of unwanted body fat.

Fennel helps with inconveniences like diarrhea, bloating, and menstrual aches.

Pu-erh leaf, a plant from Southwestern China, improves mental health and also cleanses your body of toxins.

Stevia is a zero-calorie natural sweetener.

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Hot Skinny Tea Blend Benefits

Hot Skinny Tea helps to:

  • Full body detox
  • Reduce bloating
  • Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol at normal levels
  • Lose weight
  • Renewed health
  • Increased energy
  • Suppresses appetite

Hot Skinny Tea Pros & Cons

In terms of weight loss, Hot Skinny Tea is certainly effective in helping to eliminate stubborn bloating, and just by drinking the tea twice a day, we get visible results quickly.

What sets Hot Skinny Tea apart from the rest, besides the amazing taste, is that it provides a diet, an exercise program, and even the option of particular training, so that you can accelerate your results, depending on your goals. While most diet teas make outrageous claims and let you do everything yourself, you will be impressed with the level of support provided by the Hot Skinny Tea program. If followed, there is no reason why sustainable and healthy weight loss won’t be achieved.

The only con I find in Hot Skinny Tea blend is senna, a natural laxative. It’s imperative not to take Hot Skinny Tea or any detox tea for that matter for more than a couple of weeks at a time. Our digestive system is a complex set of bacteria that don’t like to be disrupted more than needed. Consider the Hot Skinny Tea as a top-up to your weight loss journey and something you can take whenever you feel you need it. Also, avoid senna when on birth-control pills as laxatives can compromise their effectiveness.

A good way to see if this is for you is to take this free copy of Hot Skinny Tea: The Ultimate Guide To Detoxing, and see if it’s for you.

Conclusions about Hot Skinny Tea

While most people are drawn to Hot Skinny Tea because of its fat-melting potential, for me the true value of this product lies in the fact that it makes me feel better in every way, be it physical, mental, even emotional. A healthy morning routine means that we start off our day in the best possible way, and a cup of Hot Skinny Tea is the perfect new addition to our breakfast and morning routine!

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Hot Skinny Tea

Hot Skinny Tea Formula Backed Up By Science

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