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Bring Positive Energy, Protection, and Prosperity Into Your Home

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A witch home is a sacred space, that welcomes positive energy, protection, and prosperity. Some of us choose, because we have the possibility, to practice our magic in the outdoor. But most of us practice magic in our home, and therefore is essential to be in harmony with our environment. In fact, the house where we live is a sacred space whether we are practitioners of magic or not. Mess blocks positive energies and also attract beings with low vibrational energies.

Leaving the house cleaned, organized, and ventilated, it’s vital for our energetic well-being. Flower pots, representations of the four elements, and animals are welcome and tune us with nature. Keep the toilet lid closed, and the bathroom environment always harmonized. Negative energies enter our daily routine, especially through the bathroom.

Never let things get out of control and reach a point where you can no longer organize. Change objects for inviting good energies, changing places also makes the energies move and flow better. Pay attention to colors and choose plants that improve the air quality and bring calm inside your home environment.


Performing an energy cleaning in your home!

1 – Open all doors and windows and let the air circulate throughout the rooms.

2 – Carry out a physical cleaning first. Clean up the environment, collect unused items, separate them for donation, put out broken objects that are useless. Remember that everything that is out of use and remains stored keeps the energy stagnant influencing your life!

3 – After, put a few drops of pine essential oil, salt, or a teaspoon of indigo, in water, and use it to wash the house. Wash the house floor from the last room to the front door. While washing, visualize all dense energies being cleaned and dissipated.

Energizing your environment

When you have finished the physical part of cleaning, then start working on energizing your home. If you want and like you can listen to a mantra, to transmute energies. Mantras and sound is a great resource for physical and energetic protection. They should be sung, verbalized or even repeated mentally, creating a pillar of protective energy that can be used in practical situations to solve problems, heal, dispel fear, as well as raise awareness to divine levels.


And then we go to the best-known technique of Purification: Incense.

The use of incense has always been common in various civilizations and at different times in the history of mankind. To do so, aromatic and magical herbs are burned. You can transform this act in a ritual ceremony, and remember to always have a purpose when you light it.

Light a good massala, a handmade incense, some bay leaves, or any plants that you prefer. When you perform this ritual, put in the smoke whatever purpose you want, health, prosperity, abundance, tranquility, welcome, peace, harmony … in short, whatever you feel necessary for the current moment. You will incense the whole house, with the incense in your hand. When you finish the Ritual, put an incense in a censer and let it burn until the end.

If you don’t like incense, you can also do it with a herbal spray, such as rosemary, lavender, lemongrass, or sweet orange, in the same way, passing in every room of the house.

Finally, end the cleansing with a prayer of gratitude for the home that welcomes you, for prosperity and abundance, and for the guardians who protect and watch over your home!

Keeping your home safe

At the entrance door, you can place potted plants that protect the environment. Rue, Rosemary, Basil, Snake plant, Calatheas, Cactus, Bamboo, Peace lily, or even the famous vase of seven herbs are good choices.

Place amethyst, quartz stones, druses and/or orgonites scattered around the environments, they help to absorb the dense energies and transmute them.

Enjoy all the good vibes emanating from your home and, whenever necessary, repeat all the steps, or just the ones you find necessary. With time we become more attentive and sensitive to the perception of energies and are able to maintain harmony without allowing stagnant and/or disorganized energy to accumulate. But from time to time it is good to do a thorough cleaning!


Leave your home environment conducive to receiving prosperity and ensure that it stays with this easy to do recipe.


Peels of orange
3 cinnamon sticks
7 cloves
1 pinch of nutmeg
1 liter of water
150 ml of grain alcohol or common alcohol

How to make

Bring water, cloves, cinnamon, orange peel to the heat.
When the mixture boils, turn off and smother, wait for it to cool completely, strain, add the nutmeg, and the alcohol. Shake well.

How to use

Pass the mixture with a cloth on the house floor, on doors, and door frames.
Put in a spray bottle and splash around the house every day.
Whenever you use it, invite prosperity to enter, and stay in your home.

PS: Have reminders around your house to help erase old narratives and welcome new ones that subconsciously stick because you keep seeing them all over the place (:
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I hope you enjoy this post. Share here on the comment section your witchy tips and rituals for positive energy, protection, and prosperity for that magic and special space. Home. Inlakesh, Beautiful Magical Being ✧・゚:* 

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