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My name is Majka Meraki. I’m a music composer, meditation practitioner, and although I practice Ceremonial Magick rituals, I adopt beliefs and identities as I Will to match the results I’m looking to get, or according to my intuition, that’s why I consider myself a mix of a Chaos Magickian and a Green Witch. Magick for me is an attitude, a philosophy that nurtures experimentation, enjoyment, and creativity while discarding dogmatic rules.

I have been actively seeking personal growth, self-mastery, and a deeper meaning in life since I remember. Even though I continuously learn from many sources and systems, what I  seek is always the same: understanding the way the conscious mind and subconscious mind interact, and how we can use our Will to manifest and co-create reality.

That is why I am here. And I think that is also why you are here. To embark on a journey blessed with confidence, emotional balance, clarity, energy, dynamism, and focus. This is a space to learn and share all that enables us to be honest, centered, and focused. A work in progress.
 I would love that you take on this journey with me.

Majka Meraki

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