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Welcome to Camomila, I’m glad you decided to visit!

My name is Majka Meraki. I’m a music composer, meditation practitioner, and although I practice Ceremonial Magick rituals, I adopt beliefs and identities as I Will to match the results I’m looking to get, or according to my intuition, that’s why I consider myself a Chaos Magickian. Magick for me is an attitude, a philosophy that nurtures experimentation, enjoyment, and creativity while discarding dogmatic rules.

Magick doesn’t have to be esoteric, although I enjoy esoterism, Life is Magickal and To Live is to practice magick all the time, usually at an unconscious level, without realizing or having control about the way and what it’s manifested.

I’m the creator of Camomila, and my work here focuses on rituals to deal with anxiety, stress, abundance, and to connect with the energies that surround us and live deep inside each of us. 

My approach is multidisciplinary, drawing from the life lessons of ancient traditions to modern science. And the method I use for writing for this blog involves using “grounding” “intention”, “meditation”, “frequencies”, “intuition” and “tarot”.

Subjects might vary but the premiss is that the fundamental purpose of any ritual is to create a bridge between the conscient mind and the subconscious mind, between the ego and the collective unconscious.

Camomila Purpose

Camomila aims to be a platform for conscious individuals who want to explore a deeper purpose in life, and it’s here to serve you.

I have been actively seeking personal growth, self-mastery, and a deeper meaning in life since I remember. Even though I continuously learn from many sources and systems, what I  seek is always the same: understanding the way the conscious mind and subconscious mind interact, and how we can use our Will to manifest and co-create reality.

That is why I am here. And I think that is also why you are here. To embark on a journey blessed with confidence, emotional balance, clarity, energy, dynamism, and focus.

Camomila Online is a space where I share rituals, spells, knowledge, recipes, ask questions, share magick tools, favorite herbs, always related to Magick Crafts.

There is so much unrest and civil strife in the world that we humans need to remember to Be and ask for peace, so Camomila embraces the multitude of spiritual paths because all humans have different needs and also religion is a constitutional right.

Respect ALL!

I would love that you take on this journey with me.

Majka Meraki