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10 Essential Herbs For Your Daily Practical Magick

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The use of herbs in magick is ancient, and it is much more than cultural or historical. Its use has been strengthened over time, and passed from generation to generation. Herbs are powerful if used correctly. Governed by a planet, an element, they are often sacred to a God or a Goddess, is what we call ‘correspondence’. Essential elements in magic spells and rituals, the practitioner knows the need to cultivate them, in this way, the energy of the witch, wizard, or occultist is magnetized in the plant, offering a series of advantages in its practices.

Herbs possess inherent magical properties, a force that is already part of them, and that allows us to carry out rituals and spells without having to draw external energies.

Ancient people who had knowledge and wisdom with herbs, used, for example, some white heathers in their kitchen as a form of protection for the family and the home.

Hydrangea flowers were also used in spells to protect the house!
Oregano was spread on the outside while chanting the spell: “I am protected”, for protection against evil spirits.
Mistletoe was used or placed around the house for protection as well.
Druids burned Elderberry flowers for blessings and a branch of the plant was always hanging on people’s doors and windows.
These are just a few examples of how the use of herbs was actively present in people’s lives.

Irish moss, holly, hazelnut, narcissus, orange, star anise, poppy, violet, rosewood, strawberry, apple, rosemary, and moss are just some of the herbs that are considered to bring luck, these and others will always be part of an arsenal of a magickian.

The list is extensive and requires study, knowledge, practice, and affinity with each one of them when it comes to doing Magick work. So here I present some of the most versatile and easy to find herbs, herbs of great power that are fundamental for those who seek knowledge, wisdom, and results in their Practical Magick.

How Are Herbs Used in Magick?

The use of herbs in Magick ranges from alternative medical aid to banishing complex dense energy work, protection, or attraction.


A way to use magic in everyday life with wisdom and discipline. Tea can assist in curing physical and spiritual illnesses, and even slightly alter the state of consciousness in practices that require trance states. This is one of the easiest ways to practice magic, you just have to know the magical properties of the herb. All herbs have intrinsic power, and if you know the properties of the specific herb and it’s a safe herb for human consumption, you can, for example, hold the herb or herbal mix (you can get creative here :), before preparing your tea, and visualize the flow of its magical energy entering your body. Feel its magical power vibrating from the herb to you, and visualize the energy inside every cell, activating your very essence. Use as many details as possible. Then you prepare your tea as usual and drink it slowly, be present, immersed, involved, taste the different sensations, and enjoy the moment, with the awareness that you already have what you want.

How to Create a Tea Ritual Ceremony


Herbs can be burned as a natural incense, where one or more herbs can be harvested and dried for this purpose. In this case, one must pay attention to the way they are cultivated and harvested, so that their properties can be used 100%.


A strong ally of protection, purification, banishment, and attraction within Magic. Respecting the lunar cycle and correspondences, baths can heal and cause great changes in the life of those who seek help with this magical alternative. With fresh or dehydrated herbs, the important thing is to know the properties of each one. The herbal bath is a ritual, it needs to be accompanied by concentration, which includes visualization and materialization.


Some choose to prepare their own oils, add to them the herbs that correspond to the goals they intend to achieve. The use of them fit from the culinary to the rituals.


In small fabric pouches, it can contain powerful protective spells in the form of amulets. Made with ritualistic practices, consecrated and directed, they can be used to protect people, houses, animals, and a number of other things. Others are used for attracting prosperity, love, success, and healing.

Smoking (burning)

With a censer or an appropriate container, burning herbs is widely used to banish, protect and attract. Some practitioners use this method to facilitate the state of consciousness. Attention here is to avoid using any type of flammable chemical substance, as this will alter or eliminate the properties of the herbs. It is advisable to use a burning charcoal, previously lit only with fire.

Magic powders

In the form of spells prepared with herbs soaked in a pestle, which can be used for various purposes.


The kitchen is the heart of a home, and for a Mage, its significance is even greater. Food prepared with Magic tends to transform lives, so give proper value to plant life. Ideally, every magician should have a cabinet with her spices. The containers where the herbs will be stored must be made of glass, and all must be identified by name. Most practitioners have a notebook just for their herbs in cooking. This way, you can consult it quickly, when there is a need or a doubt.

Live Herbs

In pots or gardens, herbs have the power to repel dense energy, modify vibration, and attracting beneficial energies.

The top 10 herbs that Green Magicians should know

Some herbs are part of the daily lives of many magicians who seek to gain experience in herbalism or use them to enhance their magical work. Some herbs are difficult to find and are used for specific spells, but there are some herbs that are essential, fundamental, and special for every magician.

The 10 essential herbs in the practice of Magic


A solar herb that can be used in baths, incense, essential oil, and teas with its leaves. Its main associations are related to healing, protection, purification, love, strength, memory, stress relief, and mental clarity. Sprinkle rosemary at the entrance to your home to attract protection. In the kitchen, add the herb with pink pepper to the potatoes so that love predominates in your home. Plant rosemary near the children’s bedroom window, to protect them from harmful influences.


This is a versatile herb and has numerous magical properties. It can be used as an essential oil, burning, baths, and teas. Thyme associations include healing, love, psychic knowledge, and purification. It is great for most magical jobs. It attracts loyalty, affection, and good opinion from others, making it great for spells and rituals related to relationships, especially new loves. In addition, thyme can be used to attract good health, luck and money, banish negativity, and purify the home.


Mint promotes energy, clears the mind, increases communication, and stimulates the senses. These properties, which are well known and well documented, are the reason why mint should play a larger role in magic and witchcraft. Mint is perfect for eating or smelling before performing practical magic. Mint also attracts money, good spirits, and protects your home.


It can be used in dream pillows, as incense, teas, baths, and as an essential oil. Lavender associations include happiness, love, beauty, protection, purification, relaxation, sleep, and psychic knowledge. Plant it for luck, combine with rosemary to attract love, burn it to bring peace to your home, or place it under your pillow to help with the prophetic dream. Lavender is an extremely common herb and is used in a variety of magical rituals and spells. In addition, medicinal properties abound, making it an important addition to your magic cabinet.


This is an absolutely essential herb for magicians, especially due to its unique properties. No other plant has a stronger connection to witchcraft than Artemisia. It is one of the most used herbs in spells or rituals. The herb helps to strengthen psychic powers, prophetic dream and astral projection, and can also be used for protection and healing. Use Artemisia when reading runes, tarot, palm or tea leaves, or any other form of divination to increase your psychic awareness.


Used in a variety of rituals and spells and is probably the most commonly used herb in witchcraft. There are several species of sage, White Sage and the Desert Sage tend to be the most sought after by magicians. Use it to clean and purify magic tools, runes, tarot cards, crystals, and of course, your home. Sage can also be used to banish negativity and attract positive energy and vibrations. This fantastic herb, aids improvement, learning, knowledge, and wisdom. It is still believed to be an anti-aging elixir.

Bay Leaf

Bay leaf is widely used as a spice, but its hidden powers within the magical world are impressive. In the form of tea, it’s used to increase clairvoyance and wisdom or induce the prophetic dream. It’s also wonderful for protection spells and purification rituals. Some magicians write wishes on bay leaves and burn them to help them manifest. This is a must in the secret closet of every magician.


Widely used in spells of prosperity and luck, and an essential plant to always have in hand, also because of its relaxing powers. Chamomile helps to reduce stress, negative feelings, and increase positive energy. Burn the flowers daily to bring money to your life, for happiness, and well-being. Chamomile can also be used in prophetic dreams and banishing spells as an add-on ingredient.


Flavoring, cinnamon is inspiring and magical. Used to improve spirituality, success, luck, and prosperity, it can also be used in healing and protection rituals and spells. It is basic and essential for many spells. Many witches use cinnamon or hang in their homes, especially in the Yule period, thus seeking to attract love, money, prosperity, and protection to their home and body. In addition, cinnamon has great health benefits and is used in most herbal remedies to treat colds and coughs.


Joyful, bright, fragrant, and incredibly versatile, dandelions are one of the first flowers of spring, which makes them extremely important for bees. Dandelions growing in the yard are beneficial for everyone. The dandelion leaf can be used during divination practices, especially those involving the dead, as well as to heal, purify, and remove negativity from your home. The root is also used in divination and spiritual calling.

Before Cutting a Plant

Before cutting a plant with your boline, or athame, it is essential to do it with due respect and to always thank nature. You can say out loud these words with your full attention and intention, or use other words that you identify more with:

(pronounce the name of the plant)
I ask that you give me your gift
So that you can help me in my work
Grow stronger from my cut
Stronger and more powerful
(pronounce the name of the plant) Thank you!

Certainly, each green Magician has a deeper connection with some herbs, it all depends on the practice and knowledge of each one.

On a magical journey, all plant knowledge is essential. So the more you study and practice, the greater your chances of success and effective results with herbs. Learn to recognize the herbs around you, feel their aroma, their energy, know their inherent powers! Always remember that they are a gift from Nature, use them with joy and wisdom, thanking whenever you use them.

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